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Zero Interest Loans: Zeroes Are Heroes Event

In coming together for the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association’s (DHFLA) 2023 Zeroes are Heroes event, the community will honor donors who change lives, and the lives forever enhanced by the organization’s support. From 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 3, at a private home, the public is invited to join the celebration.

Since June 1935, DHFLA has provided security for couples, families, students, individuals and small businesses through no-interest loans. DHFLA was founded in the spirit of hevrot gemilut hasadim, the giving of loving-kindness, that was shared in Europe in the 1700s; Dallas’ initial Jewish community pledge came with $132 to establish the organization.

In 2022, DHFLA, with a 100% repayment rate, made 78 loans totaling $471,000. The agency services 23 counties to provide support for adoption and fertility treatments, emergencies and general needs, health care, higher education, Jewish experiences, small business and special needs — that division’s loans this year increasing from $7,500 to $10,000.

“This event is to educate the community about what we do and how we help, to share the stories of those whose lives have been touched and who truly understand our mission,” said Jane Larkin, the organization’s executive director. “We look forward to thanking our donors and guarantors — some who sign off without knowing the person they are helping — and everyone who supports us in many areas. Without them, so many people would be affected and not in the positive way DHFLA allows.”

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