Texas Jewish community donor story George Rothkopf

A Legacy of Giving: Supporting the Texas Jewish Community

George and Lillian Rothkopf, longtime DHFLA supporters in our Texas Jewish community, always believed that the highest form of charity was to give anonymously. So, while the late George Rothkopf probably would not approve of any praise or acknowledgement in an article like this, his children Helene and Michael are delighted to share his belief in tzedekah

During the depression Mr. Rothkopf’s family couldn’t pay their rent and received a loan from a Hebrew Loan Association which prevented them from being evicted from their apartment in the Bronx. He was eternally grateful. In 2016, Mr. Rothkopf said, “It was always instilled in my siblings and me that no matter how little we had, there was always someone else that had less.” He has passed this philosophy to his children.

Growing up, Helene and Michael always had a tzedakah box in their house and their parents always stressed charity as a way to be both thankful and humble for all they had. At Mr. Rothkopf’s funeral in 2021, Helene spoke about how her father was always willing and happy to give those in need a “hand-up.” DHFLA is so grateful that Helene and Michael are honoring Mr. Rothkopf’s legacy in our Texas Jewish community and continuing to financially support DHFLA’s work and fulfilling DHFLA’s mission of “A hand-up, not a handout.”

Continue Tzedekah for Our Texas Jewish Community

The mission of the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association is to assist members of the Greater North Texas, North Central Texas and East Texas Jewish community who are in need by providing interest-free loans.

Please continue the tradition of tzedekah by becoming a donor, Angel Guarantor, or join our Full Circle Society.

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