Interest free loans Zeroes Are Heroes 2022

Borrowers Shared Stories of Interest-Free Loans at Zeroes Are Heroes Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the June 8th Zeroes are Heroes event. It was an amazing evening in the beautiful home of Barbara and Clive Miskin. Three borrowers for interest-free loans shared their inspiring stories, and a great time was had by all.

If you were unable to make it but would like to be a hero to fellow Jews in Greater North Texas, please consider a gift today. As board member Abby Fuqua said during the event, “DHFLA is not only a no interest lending organization, but it is also a recycling organization.” What did she mean?

Interest-free loans are funded entirely through donations which continually recycle to others through loan repayments, creating many times the original value of the gift and supporting members of the Greater North Texas Jewish community in perpetuity.

Your gift is your superpower. Be a hero and give today.

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