Emergency Loan

Our story is not unlike so many other people in their 60s. In April 2013 Bob lost his job and was out of work for 11 months. His new job pays him considerably less than his skills and experience had brought him in years past.

In July 2013 I lost my job as well. I had worked for non-profits for 13 years that did not pay into unemployment insurance so I had no access to any benefits. By October of 2014 all of our reserves were gone and we were about to have to sell our home. We were behind on all of our debts including our utilities.

On a morning in mid-October I was about to perform the most dreaded task of the day, the walk to the mailbox. I took a deep breath and stepped off of the porch. When I reached the mailbox I found disconnection notices for the electric and water but then I saw a brochure from DHFLA. I looked through the brochure and decided to call (I had nothing to lose).

I called and Deborah Dana cheerfully answered and listened to the issues I was facing and without one hint of judgment she explained the process of applying for a Dallas emergency loan. She walked us through the process and we received the loan and were able to pay our utility bills. This may seem like a small amount and just a drop in the bucket, and it was, but it wasn’t just the money.

The real gift we received from DHFLA was a small glimmer of hope where there was none. It was a small window of normalcy. Enough hope to give us a reason to keep the faith and keep trying to change our circumstances. Hope is a powerful thing. Although I am still trying to find a job I am able to face the challenge with new strength and determination. Another gift I received was the opportunity to volunteer at the DHFLA office. I enjoy helping and it gives a sense of purpose again. Thank you Dallas Free Loan Association.

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