Fertility Treatment Financing

Fertility Treatment Financing: A Heartwarming Story

Meet Yehezkel and SarahChaya Menashe, fertility treatment financing loan recipients.

“We’ve been married for 13 years and tried unsuccessfully to have children for years. Close family and friends encouraged us to seek medical intervention.

As the expenses associated with multiple fertility treatments continued to increase, the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association’s fertility treatment loan was recommended to us. We were approved for a loan and Jane Larkin personally delivered a check to us.

The loan combined with funds that were raised anonymously within the community allowed us to move forward with a new round of fertility treatment with Dr. Jerald Goldstein.

At the same time as we were working to have biological children, we decided to get licensed to foster and adopt children who were removed from their parents or families and placed with Texas’s Child Protective Services (CPS).

We were licensed in November 2020 and received our first foster child in early January 2021. A month later, we were asked if we were interested in also taking placement of a newborn baby boy. Within just a few hours of the inquiry, the newborn was brought to our home. Within less than 5 weeks, we became full-time foster parents to two baby boys, one 16 months and one just 7 days old.

When children are in foster care, their parents or families are given a specific program and set of requirements that they work on within a certain schedule in order to regain full custody of their children. Both baby boys also had weekly supervised visitation with their mothers in the CPS office.

The months that followed were filled with unlimited happiness while raising other people’s children. At the same time, we continued working with Dr. Goldstein on our fertility treatment protocol as we very much wanted a child of our own.

Our first foster baby was reunified with his biological mother on November 22, 2021. While we were sad that he was leaving, we were overjoyed that his mom had been successful in doing everything necessary to regain custody. Additionally, she was open to meeting us and we built a beautiful relationship with her and have been able to remain in both their lives.

Two days after our first foster child left, we got the amazing news that our fertility treatment process was successful, and we were pregnant! We were so excited and felt truly blessed! We also still had full-time work with our infant foster child.

Our second placement, the baby boy that came to us straight from the hospital nursery, was reunified with his biological mother in early January 2022. It was again bittersweet. We were so happy that his mom also was successful doing the work necessary to regain custody of her baby, but at the same time he moved away from us. Again, we were blessed as we were asked to continue to provide care while the baby’s mom went to work during the day, until day care was finalized.

Fertility Treatment Provides Hope

On August 5, 2022, our very own healthy baby boy arrived. Benayah Menashe was born Friday morning and weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.

Thank you to the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association and the Loan Committee who interviewed us!”

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Fertility Treatment Financing
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