General Loan


  1. The maximum loan amount is $7,500.
  2. Loan specific borrower and guarantor qualifications:
    1. Borrower may be a single person or a couple.  If a couple, the borrower must be the Jewish spouse.  If married, the borrower’s spouse is considered an additional guarantor.
    2. A minimum of two (2) qualified guarantors are required for general loans. Additional guarantors may be required should the DHFLA Loan Committee deem it necessary.
    3. Guarantors cannot reside at the same address as the borrower or any other guarantor (spouses are exempt from this clause).


The maximum repayment terms is forty-eight (48) months, in equal monthly installments, commencing approximately within one month after receiving the loan. The specific terms will be determined by the DHFLA Loan Committee upon approval of the loan and will be specifically stated in the promissory note.


  1. The borrower must complete a) their portion of the DHFLA loan application  in detail and b) sign the promissory note (if married the spouse is considered an additional guarantor). The specific terms of the promissory note (commencement date and payment amounts) must be left blank and will be filled in by DHFLA at the time the loan is approved. Complete and sign the ACH authorization letter.
  2. Guarantors must complete their portion and sign the guaranty agreement and the guarantor’s information release authorization form. Note: original signed documents are required, no faxes or emails are accepted.
  3. Submit completed application by email to or mail to DHFLA, PO Box 671235, Dallas, TX 75367-1235. They will be contacted for a personal interview.